The Diversity Of Your Platform - from Websites to WebApps

By Romario Fitzgerald on February 26, 2019

You can get more than just a simple website with us, you can host a progressive web application.

android phone hosting progressive web application

If you're an android user with Google Chrome and you're visiting a website built by FleekSite, then you've probably noticed a cool little pop up when you visit our sites. That's right, all our websites are Progressive Web Application enabled.

Not only are you getting a website, but you're getting an application.
One that your visitors can install on their phone and experience your website on a whole new level.
You can get ahead of the competition by delivering a more interpersonal and active reach to your user with a progressive web application.

It combines the reach of the web, with the intimacy of a native application, a cross over between the good points of both sides.
And the best part? All you have to do is fill out your websites information and we can activate the feature for you at no extra charge.