Want to Save and Make Money at the Same Time? Try Progressive Web Applications.

By Romario Fitzgerald on June 14, 2019

What exactly is a PWA and How can it help you both Save and Make Money at the same time?


Progressive Web Application are the new wave of app technologies that have been taking the world by storm, huge companies like Google have been pushing this technology very hard.
This is because of just how promising it is:
Imagine, not having to pay separately for a mobile application, desktop app and a website.
Imagine not having to ask your users to update an app every time there's a change?
Those are just a couple of the major benefits of Progressive Web Applications.

This new breed of applications bridge the gap between a website and a native application.
Native applications command user presence, where as websites command use reach. That is, websites reach more people and native applications get more repeat users.
This is because native apps are always available and in-front of the user, its a part of heir most personal of devices, and that, is powerful.

The benefits of having a native application cannot be understated. The same too goes for having a website. What reputable organisation doesn't have a website? Surely not one most people would even consider working with.
So the arguments for both a very strong. They can also be very expensive, especially applications. So having both wrapped up in one convenient package is quite the deal.
Surely there are some trade-offs though? Right?

Yes, there are trade-offs, not all features available to Native Applications are available to Progressive Web Applications (PWA), this is because, at it's heart, a PWA is still web based and uses the browser. However, the trade-offs are becoming much less and times passes, as the community and large organisations push towards the future, continuously improving and adding more capabilities to PWA's.

We keep in touch with the monthly updates put out by Google so we're always in the know about what's new and what's going on. Here are a couple features that really draw users towards Progressive Web Applications;
Just like a regular Native Application:
They can have Instant access from homescreen
They are Capable of delivering content offline.

FleekSite is a Premiere Progressive Web Application provider, your website with FleekSite is built from the ground up with PWA capabilities in mind, so no matter which plan you choose you'll be assured that you won't need a completely new website should you choose to go the PWA route.

And I do encourage that route! Reach your customers more effectively and personally with Progressive Web Applications!