FleekSite Stock Images with Unsplash

By Romario Fitzgerald on December 05, 2018

Gone are the days of hunting for stock photo's then coming back to your content. FleekSites solution? Provide you with stock images.

woman taking picture of her view

FleekSite Now Offers the ability to get stock photo's while you're writing your content within our platform!


We internally use stock images for our content, and many of our clients do as well. The world is becoming more visually driven as the days go by, so what to do?

To make your experience using the FleekSite CMS even more of a pleasure, we've decided to allow you to get stock images from within the platform and get this - at no extra cost!
The service is completely free right now.

Maybe you're not yet using stock images in your content, maybe you have some questions that you're burning to ask ? Well don't hesitate to contact us, but we'll go through some of the questions you may have below.
Let's take these one at a time


What're the benefits of using stock photos?
You get easy access to unlimited high quality images from thousands of photographers and individuals across the globe.
You can find stock photos for a wide range of topics and scenes as people are always looking for creative ways to express themselves.
This saves you the time of having to produce your own photos, which in many cases can cost you hundreds or thousands of USD to get you photos of the same quality and then let's not get into the cost of editing these photos.


Don't stock photos cost a lot of money as well?
Yes! They can really expensive! but so can every other commodity we use. Stock photo's are both free and charged, many stock photos online are free, with the requirement being that you source (and sometimes hot-linking) the image back to the original source. There are also premium images that one can pay for, the benefit of these is that they may come in extremely high resolutions, which may be suitable for banner or hero images, they may also be very exotic or expensive to reproduce.


What are the copyright Gotcha's! ?
The requirement is that you accredit the creator of the image, nothing more and you're okay.

Why should you use stock images?
They're very convenient, accessible, diverse and high quality. So how do you get started using high quality stock images images on FleekSite?

All you have to do is sign up, login and start using our content editor.