Get Online Today with FleekSIte - Free or Paid

By Romario Fitzgerald on June 20, 2018

Do you have a website yet? If so, is it up to today's standards?


It'd be great If your answers to those questions are yes. Even so, you've got a great deal waiting.

Do you want a site with:

If any of these interest you, then you should try our new plan, choose one of our standard templates and have your site up for as low as $2000 a month with a custom domain - Totally Free with a Fleeksite domain.

This includes maintenance and upkeepfile storagesecurity and feature updates, in addition to the features above.

You will be able to update content on your site easily from your mobile phone at any time and receive real-time notifications about website inquires.

This and more is available when you signupforour small business plan.