Google - The Take On User Security

By Romario Fitzgerald on July 24, 2018

The day has finally come: Google Chrome is marking all non-encrypted sites as Not Secure.


Photo by Moja Msanii on Unsplash

It's finally happened, after months of warnings and talks - google has decided to make it official .

All sites that don't use encryption are now marked as non-secure (NON-HTTPS), in plain site for the whole word to see.

Photo by WebArx

We had spoken a little about website security in this article:;

But lets do a little review:

Heres and example URL of a secure website:

Heres and example URL of a un-secure website:

The difference is the S at the end of HTTP, this lets the browser know that all the information being transferred from the server to your browser is safe and secured so that no one will be able to see the information you enter in plain text (eg. passwords, emails, names and other personal information) as well as spying on your browsing habits.

Ensure that users know that your site is secure by getting your hosting provider to install an SSL Certificate for your website.

Here are a few of the other benefits of having an Secure Website:

Improved Google rankings and SEO

Improves Visitor Confidence and View of your Company

Fleeksite Offers HTTPS on all our websites, so you can be assured that your users won't be at risk and you won't be called out for not having an un-secure site.