How to Grow Your Brand Presence through Your Website

By Romario Fitzgerald on September 26, 2018

growing your brand presence

A “brand”: a feature that differentiates an entity from its competitors based on a customer’s point of view. 

In layman’s terms, a brand is the popularly accepted identity of a product which makes it unique and preferable to others in the same category. 

For instance, Apple, Google, Facebook, Walmart, KFC, and a host of others are global and popular brand names that people can easily identify from a hundred miles away. The reason for their popularity includes the capital investments pumped into the development of a strong online presence and other forms of included marketing communications. These guys know the strategies for successful marketing - you have to spend money to make money.  

Though you don’t have to be an Apple, a Google or a Walmart to develop your business to a point where your customers – no matter how few or large – are able to differentiate your product or service from that of your competitors. 

How Can I Be a Successful Brand Marketer?

The first step towards successful brand marketing is creating an online presence. “How do I do that?” You might ask. By creating a website, I say. 

Having a website for your business not only gives credibility to the services you offer but also provides an easily accessible channel for potential customers to know about your services. Today, with marketing strategies available at the click of your mouse, a lot of businesses (irrespective of their size, or target market) have taken full advantage of the knowledge that creating an online presence through a website is a powerful method to build brand presence, win new customers, and keep existing ones. 

How Can I Design a Suitable Website?

To design a website for your business, you need the expertise of an experienced web developer that can plan your website development to make it look like the modern sites of today that are made perfect for speed as well as mobile phone responsiveness. So that people can easily view your website on their phones and still get all the features they would see if they were using a computer.

Now that you are more aware of the work needed to allow a website to contribute to your business growth let's look at 3 ways to build your brand presence through your website.

1.     Develop Effective SEO and Digital Marketing Strategies 

One of the most powerful branding tools for all businesses is creating a website and maintaining it. But to make sure that your website produces a praiseworthy result, you have to optimize. What’s the essence of having well-packaged products and/or services if your prospects can’t see them? 

We, of the internet age, depend on search engines when looking for businesses as well as service providers, and we usually don’t want to look too far. No one is going to scroll all the way to the third page to find you. If your site isn’t optimized for search engines, tough call, your business may stay invisible to prospective clients, making you lose possible business opportunities.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may look like a high-tech phrase, too fancy for mere mortals to master but it’s really not. It is basically creating content that is informative enough to be placed high on the search ranking. 

Integrating Search Engine Optimization into your website is easy enough; simply construct and post relevant content, which includes strategically placed keywords, on your website, providing readers with exactly the information they are looking for. Doing this will ensure top placement of your business when people search online for things that are related to the services you offer.

Are you still unclear on how exactly you can exploit SEO to enhance your digital marketing campaign and help grow your brand presence? Worry not, we are here to make it simple (even simpler) for you.

Here are a few tips to consider about organic SEO:

·            Optimization is Key (word)

To drive traffic to your site, rank higher on search engines, and boost the visibility of your brand, you can optimize the site by adding fresh and relevant content, backlinks, and updating keywords.

·            Research Research Research!! 

Try and use keyword research as well as planning when you’re creating content. Don’t leave out research on SEO strategies that are relevant to your niche, products and/or services as this can enhance your brand awareness to potential customers.

·            Get Up To Speed

Make good use of fast loading pages to rank higher instead of those that use over 3 seconds to load. Remember, no one has the patience anymore. 

·            Boost Responsiveness

If your website is not responsive and mobile friendly, it can lower your search ranking.

·            Include Captivating  Descriptions

Meta tags and page descriptions are a must. Also, try to include a sitemap for your website.

Do these pieces of information still sound too technical for you? You needn’t worry: Our team of committed web designers at Fleeksite are here to help you!  

2.     Employ Content Marketing

You could be unintentionally making use of content marketing without even knowing what it is! Content marketing simply means using informative and engaging content, which is both timely and relevant to the needs of your target audience. For instance, that Facebook post on politics and its inadequacies; with a subtly placed link to the complete post, which fetched you a thousand likes, was content marketing. And you may not have even realized it. 

Common ways businesses employ this strategy is by creating a blog post, linking to an authoritative news source, adding a download link for an eBook, organizing a webinar, and so on. These methods can be helpful in establishing your business venture as an authority, driving greater traffic to your website, and gaining the trust of your customers and website visitors. 

Here are some of the tips you can adopt to improve the results of your content marketing:

·            Add a blog page to your website and ensure that you have many articles on ground that you can post on the page over time.

·            Design a way for your audience to share blog posts on their social media networks and urge them to do this.

·            As part of your content marketing strategies, focus on things that resonate with your audience and create relevant content to address this need. 

In adopting these measures, you should know that consistency is key. An effective way to stay consistent is by dedicating enough time to feed your information-hungry readers and producing relevant content for your blog.

3.     Show Consistency

In your quest to grow your brand presence, have you ever stopped to ask yourself what your business is actually all about? Answering this question will help you in developing a branding strategy. 

Majority of customers in this day and age look out for the online presence of a company as a validity test showing it is credible in the market. For example, everyone trusts a brand with a verified tick on social media platforms. This means that customers can communicate with them and get feedback on their burning questions. Hence, it is essential that you adopt a consistent branding strategy across every one of your online channels, most especially your website.

The values of your company stated on your website, should always show consistency with your vision and mission statements. Try to be straight-forward about your policies. If your website assures, for example, a 7-day return policy, stick to this. Don’t promise customers this on your website if you won’t be able to fulfill them.

Staying consistent produces brand recognition, trust and helps your brand quality.

To grow your brand presence through your website and kick your business into overdrive, get in touch with us today!