In The Pipeline with FleekSite

By Romario Fitzgerald on December 07, 2018

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No doubt you've seen our recent updates, which allow a variety of great features for our platform. We're here to talk about these features as well as upcoming projects and new features to come to the platform.
Our latest and greatest has the been integration of Unsplash Stock Photo's into our content creation page, our users can access hundreds of thousands of stock photos from over a hundred thousand photographers at no cost.
This update comes along with the revamping of our image uploading system, which also allows users to customise their images, both for SEO and responsiveness in a much more easier way.
We've also added quite a few ways for you to add pictures:
  1. Uploading from your computer/phone
  2. Loading from pictures you or your team have already uploaded (your library)
  3. Stock Images (Unsplash)
  4. From a URL
So there are plenty of ways to add your image without having to put yourself through any hassle, or even to download an image. You may ask why we're putting an emphasis on images, well that's easy.
Images are what draws your users attention, so it's ideal to use the best images you can find to pull users in.

Here are a few previews of the workflow:

The Main Upload Section:


The Library Section:


The Stock Section:


The Web Section:

How about when you're about to add an image?


This feature set is available both in editor and for primary and secondary images for any post you want to create.
Next time we'll discuss our current projects