Just How Important Is The Speed Of Your Website ?

By Romario Fitzgerald on August 22, 2018

We take a look at what impact the speed of your website has, and what to consider when trying to make it faster.


Photo by Alan Biglow on Unsplash

Website Speed Is Very important and at Fleeksite, we emphasise the importance of speed and how it goes a long way in acquiring new clients.

However, it is not the end all be all, and we're here to talk about a few situations in which the pursuit of speed may not be so great.

When your website loads slowly due to a large amount of content on a single page, this may bother you - but it may also help SEO, slowness helping SEO? That's like, impossible, right?

Hold your horses there;

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One method of making your site faster is by using javascript to load various sections of the website, however, this means, that when Google's website crawler goes to your site, at first, it will not get the content that is loaded with Javascript (it may get it at a later time). Meaning your content may not be so easily discovered online using this method, that is of course unless you have a very high traffic level which will bolster your posts rankings.

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Another method of making your site faster is to remove some of the clutter from one page of the site, meaning to remove some of the content that's making the site load so slowly. However, another consequence of this is that less internal links will be on that page for Google's crawler to pick up on.

So, if your website is a little sluggish, ask your webmaster to check it out and give you your options, you might just surprise them with your knowledge and don't forget, there's another side to this story - the User Experience, which is always the most important