New Features On FleekSite Part 1

By Romario Fitzgerald on September 12, 2018

A look at some cool new things we've added to help you along the way.


Photo by Melody Jacob on Unsplash

We've been working really hard to make FleekSite the best place to build your website.

To provide you with the highest quality website out there and we're glad to say that we've been making great strides towards that goal. Over the past couple months we've added a few new features and redone the entire website delivery pipeline for the most flexibility and fastest delivery so that you and your visitors have the best experience possible.

FleekSite is now much much faster, expect your site to load up to 3x faster.

More Interactive, More Personal

We've also updated security and added user accounts to the platform, so you can have membership sites to develop an even closer more interactive relationship with your visitors.

You can now like and comments posts much more easily so your website designer has a much easier time implementing this, which saves some money in your pockets.

Along with adding comments to posts, you can also like and reply to those comments as well.

Cleaner And Smoother Integrations

Add Google Analytics, MailChimp and other custom integration links easily without ever touching any code with the new bits system.

Let's Get Social!

You can edit your menu, social media links, icons and other parts of your sites using the convenient bits interface as well.

Speaking of social media, guess what cool new features we've added to the admin?

If you're thinking social media integrations you're correct! or did you take it a step further and thought Can I schedule my social media posts now?

You'd also be correct there!

We've added twitter integrations to the platform, you can sign up and login with your accounts as well.

Signup and Login with your accounts on the admin? Well that's great! isn't it?

Yes, that is pretty convenient for you, but what about your users? We've also enabled the functionality for approved websites as well!

Get clients even faster as they'll no longer need to fill out forms just click a button with their preferred social network and thats it! You've got another prospective client and another user that you're sure is interested in your product/service that you can reach out to.

We will Iteratively add more social networks to the mix, feel free to suggest the network you want the most.

The next ones on our list are Facebook (awaiting approval), Instagram and of course Google.

The Fun Does Stop Here

A Key feature of any online platform is how well it plays with other platforms and API's we're glad to say that FleekSite is especially friendly.

We're here to help you get the best out of their website and there are more reveals to come, stay tuned!