New Features On FleekSite Part 2

By Romario Fitzgerald on October 03, 2018

We're Back With Another Round Of Great Features Added To The FleekSite Platform Recently.


It's been a while since we've made a post on some of the new features we've added to the system so we'll be making our way through a few of the new features and improvements to the system since then. If you're already an existing user, free or paid, you may have already noticed all these changes and more, but we want to make sure you know all that's available to you when using the FleekSite CMS .


With the Post Scheduling feature, which syncs with your websites timezone, you'll be able to write your posts well ahead of time, schedule and release them without ever going back.

Expiring Posts - Similar to scheduling posts, you can now set when you want a post to be removed from your site by setting an expiration date, this way it will no longer show up on your site, but will still be available for you to view in your admin panel.


Real Time Email and SMS Lead Notifications - Lead Generation is a core feature of the FleekSite platform and Lead Notifications have long been a feature of the platform, we've taken it a step further to add more permissions to this feature. You can select whether or not you want lead notifications, what type of lead notifications your site should receive and also who in your team gets those lead notifications.

Lead Notes - See exactly whats going on with your leads, in addition to the lead statuses, you can also add notes to your leads.


Weekly and Monthly Performance Reports - Each week and at the end of each month, you'll receive an email with detailed performance results on the previous period.


We've constantly been updating our documentation so that anyone who's building on FleekSIte will be able to make a highly optimised website following the best practices around the web. check it out at


We are very particular about what themes we add to our library. It has to have a very specific and useful purpose and it also has to be very optimised. Along with this it has to go through our integration and review process for bugs. We're glad to let you know we've added 5 more themes this month to our selection.