More on SEO Optimisations at FleekSite

By Romario Fitzgerald on October 24, 2018

A brief overview of some of the automatic SEO optimisations that FleekSites Web Developers provides to our User Base.

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SEO is a big deal, but don't expect some big company to come in and magically make you rank at the top of all results. It requires some work on your end (unless you're hiring a dedicated team to write SEO articles and ensure your design in SEO optimised). No matter if you're paying $10 (now I'm not sure where you'd get it this low) or $10,000 for SEO help from companies. FleekSite does its best to ensure the foundation is laid for your SEO, from the ground up and integrated into the core of your website. Even without your intervention, FleekSite now optimises your webpage with SEO friendly tags and information before it's sent to any browser or server (including Google's). We'll go over a few of the things that we've been doing to help you with your SEO optimisations, so that you can focus on your content and drive traffic back to your site.

There are various invisible elements on a web page which allows browsers, social media and search engines to pull information from your site to either display or rank them, these elements are wrapped inside what we call tags. Below are some of the tags which FleekSite uses to optimise your website for sharing and searching.

Basic Meta Tags

Meta Title - This will show up as the title of your website on search engines and shared links to places like Facebook.

Meta Description - This will be the description of your site on search engine result pages and shared links.

Meta Keywords - These, though not necessary, can help to say what type of content is on the webpage.

Twitter Cards

These help Twitter to understand the content on your webpage and determine how the preview looks when someone shares a link to your website on Twitter.

Open Graph Tags

These help platforms like Facebook to understand the content on your webpage and determine how the preview looks when someone shares a link to your website on said platforms.


These structures give detailed information about your website, your organisation and the content of the webpage. It is organised so that Search Engines can easily process the information and thus helps to increase your websites SEO friendliness. Search Engines can also use this information to generate very appealing and useful snippets of your website to show on their results pages.

App Data and Manifests

These tags and links are used for mobile compatibility. Progressive web applications (which we do provide) are the future of the mobile web and hold great promise, even Google is pushing the technology greatly. As such, to make your websites compatible and maintain its world class feel, these are used to leverage the technologies.


All sites are served with a special page which direct search engines to the appropriate pages to crawl on the site. Allowing your site to be indexed by search engines more efficiently.


A sitemap is provided to all search engines. This contains a list of all the public and published pages on your website that are ready to be indexed. Thus, saving the search engine from having to crawl through your entire website to find all your webpages.

Page Optimisations

We do a fair bit of optimisations to ensure that your webpages load really fast, including image caching, compression and resizing which are all optional.

Custom SEO Optimisations and Services

FleekSite offers even greater SEO optimisations by helping you manage and optimise the content on your website. We will even supply a dedicated SEO writer for your website to help you drastically improve your rankings and the quality of your content. We offer one time consulting and full monthly plans. Also included in every FleekSite migration package when moving from your previous website hosting provider is the SEO design optimisation in which we optimise your restructured website in order to meet the highest quality SEO guidelines.