The SEO Ruse - And The Real Deal

By Romario Fitzgerald on June 12, 2018

Search Engine Optimisation is the best way to get people to find you online. So what's dangerous? Read to find out.


In recent years, there's been a lot of talk about how important SEO is, how critical it is to any online businesses success. So what could be so dangerous about it?

While it's true that SEO is very important and its helps search engines to recognize and index your site more easily, that's just that. SEO is just making search engines have an easier time at picking up your site. The days of meta keywords are over, search engines have evolved past the point where we can simply trick them to show our pages as the first result. Instead of just reading meta tags, they analyse the content of your webpages and rank your site based on their analysis.

Here are a few ways modern search engines rank your website:

  • Quality of content - how good, details and precise the content you post is.
  • Back links - How many sites link to your site.
  • Internal links - How many links you have to your own site.
  • Popularity - How often your website is visited.
  • Reviews - How many reviews you have about your site.

All these factors put together (and more) determine how your site will rank on say Google.

So the next time you're approached by an SEO Firm asking for hundreds (even thousands) of dollars, ask yourself, do these things really contribute to me ranking higher?

Funny thing is, search engines provide FREE, yes I did say FREE, utilities and guides on how to increase your SEO rankings, you'll just need to read a little.

One critical thing to do to ensure your site is SEO friendly, is to ensure your site is built on a platform with SEO built in. This way, the platform covers the basics and the otherwise tedious work of SEO meta data, design and categorizations, while you can focus on the most critical part, your content, which is what will ultimately determine whether or not your site makes it to #1 on Googles rankings.

Recognizing this important, we've built our platform for SEO first. So that you can do what you do best, produce, and we will support you all the way. This includes future platform wide SEO optimisations free of charge, after all, it is what you paid for.