The Importance of Consistency

By Romario Fitzgerald on August 07, 2018

You should always have a consistent online presence. Learn why in this article.


We'll talk a little on the importance of consistency today.

You may be asking, consistency in what? Well though it's good to be consistent in most things, we'll focus on your online presence.

Consistency in publishing rich content for your patrons, Consistency in interaction with your social community online and consistency in your level of service.

Too many businesses treat websites and their online outlets as though they were brochures.

This means that they'll put them up, then leave them and thats the end of the story - or every few months the outlet will get an update.

Without even getting into the financial detriment to the business, we'll talk about why this is not a good practice.

This inconsistency is damaging to the reputation of your company

  • When you have an online outlet, people will find it and if people are interested in what your business has to offer,they will have a look through. If they see scanty, low quality content all over the place, this is what they will associate with your business.
  • Your online outlet - generally your website, is a legacy that people will judge you/your company from.
  • If they see well played out, consistent posts, this too is what they will come to the expect from your business, a level of reliability, consistency and trustworthiness.
  • Inconsistent and shoddy content posts hurt your discoverability. Google's advanced algorithms which they use to rank your outlet in their search engine considers the quality of your content a big factor when determining where to place you in the rankings, the more consistently well written and laid out your content is, the higher your ranking will be. Thus the more traction you will gain from your outlet.
  • Self Promotion - The more you promote your online outlet, the more well known it will become, another key factor search engines use to determine your ranking is how out there your outlet is. For example, if you have lots of backlinks (links to your outlet) on Facebook and Twitter, then search engines will rank you much higher than if you had none. So you should consistently be promoting your outlet, have your Friends and Family share it with their friends, followers, etc.

So what's the lesson here?

Be consistent in Your Craft and invest the time and it will grow.

Thanks for reading!