FleekSite - Our Purpose and The Initiative

By Romario Fitzgerald on July 18, 2018

A little info about the Fleeksite Team purpose and why we do what we do.


So what do we do really?

Fleeksite is a Jamaican Web Development company which specialises in Website Development. We have built a custom platform from the ground up, tailored towards SEO optimisation and Website Responsiveness.

This custom system allows us to deliver unheard-of functionality and features in a single package to our clients.

Whereas with most web development companies, which use off the shelf Website and Content Management Systems like WordPress our custom solution allows for unlimited customisability without the concern of incompatibilities.

There are a few problems with using off the shelf systems:

  1. Security
  2. Open source systems, are just that - open , this means that anyone can access the codebase as find vulnerabilities which they can then use to cause troubles for the website owner. This is easier said than done, but is a valid concern none the less.
  3. Updates may come with breaking changes - these are changes that cause some incompatibility with something in the previous versions of the system, which causes errors.
  4. Often times, security updates are accompanied by other system updates which may completely change the user interface and either adding or removing features which you may have been using before, - meaning you'll have to find a work around or not get your security updated.
  5. Bugs
  6. When a bug is discovered - generally you'll have to wait for the distributor of your software to fix it. So the wait period may be quite some time (if it ever does get fixed).
  7. Finding workarounds may also prove a challenge at times.
  8. Specificity
  9. Generally Open Source Website/Content Management Systems are very generalised - meaning, they're not tailored to your business/purpose.
  10. Plugins Generally Add Unnecessary Features That you don't necessarily want or require, but you'll still have to pay for them.

Having a custom tailored solution avoids most of these problems:

  1. Security is completely controlled and can be updated as regularly as needed and the code base is not exposed.
  2. Bugs can be solved in house much more easily and as such wait time is reduced.
  3. The Management System can be tailored specifically for your purposes and you'll only have to pay for what you want/need.

Fleeksite is dedicated to providing fast, secure and safe websites for all it's clients.

We consider ourself representatives of Jamaica as one of the only Jamaican Web Hosting Platforms and as such we always give the best and most optimal products to our customers.

What inspired us to get into this business?

We noticed a severe lack of presence of Jamaican Business' online, and most likely if they were only and did have websites, it would be a very dated and unoptimised website. This wasn't representing our proud country well, we thought, so we decided that we should make the change and start providing proper, modern, functional and beautiful websites and give our customers value for their money.

Thanks for taking your time to read everyone!

We'll be introducing our Team to you all very soon.