Timed Posts - The How and Why

By Romario Fitzgerald on October 17, 2018

How Scheduling Posts Helps Improve Your Website.

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Post Scheduling has been around for a while now, but not enough people use it. Today, we'll show you why you should leverage the feature for your website and how it will benefit you both in the short and long term.

The first point I'm going to make should be the most obvious, - it's convenient
Scheduling your posts saves you from having to upload your content, editing and testing it on the spot before publishing. This can be done, weeks or even months in advance at your leisure.

It's Improves Your Consistency
Consistency, the cornerstone and foundation of any successful business. Consistency in your posts improves your users view of your business and builds a level of trust as users will see you as reliable and consistent.

It's Encourages Users To Come Back For More
When users notice that you release your content on a consistently reliable basis, and they like it, they are much more likely to tune in on your schedule to view what you have posted. Thus, increasing user engagement, public trust and your business' reputation.

Diversity and Strategy
Being able to release content automatically allows you to plan far in advance. As such you can devise content publishing strategies much more easily and relieve yourself of the hassle of ensuring precise publishing times are followed. You can release multiple series of various categories of posts on fixed schedules which your users can reliably expect and enjoy.

Being able to schedule promotions is just another benefit of timed posts. You can schedule content's posting and expiring time automatically and far before it's time. So you'll never have to concern yourself with having to check and self publish or unpublish these items to stick to timelines.

Your Team Has Insight Into Future Posts and Company Trends
To maintain a level of consistent and cohesive writing, especially when your business has multiple writers, it is essential that each team member be aware of the type of content that will be on your website at a particular time. This allows you to avoid a smorgasbord of random topics and content which may be unrelated from appearing at the same time and allows an air of professionalism and cohesive artistry in your content when a visitor views your website.

The Quality of Your Content is Improved
Writing good content takes a lot of work. Writing Great Content, takes that much more work. and at the core of this is research, time and proofing to ensure that your content is of the highest quality. Instead of writing last minute posts or proofing at the last minute, you can do all the research necessary to craft your masterpiece articles and have your team proofread your piece and validate if necessary.

These factors all come together to increase the quality of content on your website and the quality of the website itself by extension, leading to a better company image, faithful readers and subscribers and improved SEO rankings.

So don't ignore scheduling your posts any longer!
Take advantage of this tool we provide for you, and make the best content you can!

Thanks for reading, till next time.