Your Customers Security and Your Website

By Romario Fitzgerald on June 06, 2018

Is your website secure? If not, you may be in trouble. Having security is one of the most important things you can do for you and your clients.

customer security.jpeg

Too often we've seen people settle for websites that aren't secured. But you shouldn't any longer and this is why.

For years we've all seen the messages about THIS WEBSITE IS NOT SECUREDo you want to proceed? from our browsers, and we all assume someones trying to give us a virus, but whats really happening here?

When you see this message, it means that a website is claiming to be secure when it isn't or the website is actually trying to get information that it shouldn't have from you.

Usually there would be nothing to worry about, but in recent years have you noticed you've been seeing that little lock icon on a lot of the sites you've been frequenting?

Have a look at Youtube or Facebook, see that lock? That means the site is secured. These sites have to be secured in order to protect its users from malicious attacks.

So why should you be concerned? You're not looking to do anything bad right?

Well visitors can't know that for sure and in such spirits, big companies like Google have decided that the best way to get everyone to secure their sites is by marking unsecured sites and letting users know.

This can seriously hurt your relationship with your customers and you can't have that, so if your site isn't secured, speak with your website host about getting it secured.

If you don't yet have a site, or you're looking to update your site. We offer the updated secure encryption standard called TLS which offers much stronger security than SSL, which you may have heard about at some point.

Your site will be secured by default at no extra cost, because security is no joke and we take you and your customers seriously.